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Bitcoin (BTC) Doomsday: Q1 2019 (Part 2)


Regarding Craig Wrights recent message to Roger Ver where he states he is Satoshi and that he will dump all of his BTC to flood and crash the markets destroying both BTC and BCH in the process (sounds twilight zoney, ay?)…

First, CW is not Satoshi. Let’s clear that up immediately. This egoic, over inflated baboon is just that. Now, is he is one of the corrupted, greedy, and childish keyholders, who knows what is about to transpire and is looking to capitalize off the losses of the many while puffing his chest out to be seen and heard and recognized as something more than what he truly is (which would be nothing more than the custodian of one of the fragmented pieces of the most powerful keys that exists)? I will leave others to make their own educated decisions to form, as I’ve given my word to not expose anyone, and I am without a doubt, a man of my word.

That being said, yes, CW has some very proper data in his toddler-esque tantrum for attention. He is a master manipulator that takes golden threads of true legitness and then warps and contorts them to fit his intention of recognition. I have zero respect for this fraud, but the data he relays has warped truth within it. Take that however you want.

Oh, also, as I mentioned before, with the coming of the new protocol, ETH and EOS who have been fighting for the scraps at their Mothers table lose their relevancy. Also take that however you want.

Regarding Phil Wilsons recent relays regarding this matter.

Phil Wilson is not Satoshi either (just as CW isn’t). Who is Phil Wilson? Someone with some legitimate ass data on some legitimate ass happenstances to occur. He has partial data though, like most everyone. He knows what is about to happen with the multiple keys coming together to release funds into the marketplace. He speaks of two with multi-sig access though, with himself as some self appointed third party decider of things (which he is not). There are quite a few more keys than two. Two he knows of perhaps.

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Self-made. Live and love like it’s heaven on earth.

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