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A different perspective on Seungri


I love reading alternative character/psychological analysis on criminals and events. Seungri has been hot news lately, especially in Korea. I came across this analysis that I agree with it a lot that I wanted share with others:

@taligordin_385 on soompi.com

“I’m not a Seungri fan, and I’m more than likely older than most people posting here. I’m also a professor who taught many Business and Psychology courses, so my suspicions are different….I see Seungri as the perfect patsy (someone to set-up and blame). He was always drawn to questionable people, he’s always been a show-off, and he’s always been more interested in money than music. So a crooked, even criminal, rich businessmen would easily target someone like Seungri, use him for a frontman, make him feel important by giving him a title that he could use to brag, and then use Seungri’s naivete to create fake accounts, attract investors, send messages, etc. Meanwhile also using Seungri’s celebrity status to draw clients and customers, while feeding Seungri’s ego.

If they got caught, Seungri would be the easy fall-guy because fans and the police would focus on him, instead of the true big fish, and everything Seungri would say now would be seen as ridiculous, as lies, and would make no sense because he had bragged about the businesses, presenting himself as more than he truly was.

His shares in those businesses are too small to really be a decision-making partner/ owner. He was useful for PR, which is why he would
brag about being involved in club decisions, which I very much doubt he ever was. …and now, Seungri is too proud and would be too embarrassed to admit that he was used as a patsy, a “useful idiot,” the term for such a fall guy.

So he either has to finally TRULY be humble and admit that he was totally used by crooks and criminals (and that his BB huyngs were right all along when they warned him) and cooperate fully with the police to bring those crooks to justice, or he can keep his ego and pride but end up in prison, lose everything he has, and not to mention bring shame to his family.

Seungri is a “follower” personality who always wants to be a leader, but is too arrogant to actually learn what it takes to be a real leader. That’s why he’s easy to manipulate, and why hubris brought about his downfall.
It is quite likely, and probable, that he is telling the truth that he didn’t do all he’s accused of, but he naively allowed his name to be used, and is now not able to prove that nor be believed. He played with sharks and hyenas, and now he’s paying the heavy price.

There is also one other reason why Seungri might not be fully open with the police — it’s possible that he was set up in some compromising situations by these crooked businessmen to be used as blackmail/ guarantee so that he wouldn’t talk. So it’s up to Seungri’s pride, or possibly even his fear, whether he will continue to keep secrets, or fully reveal everything he knows.”

And also:

“Everything he’s done is all out of ego, hubris, and as a product of a certain psychological makeup.

It doesn’t excuse his participation, as well as his lending his name to businesses he didn’t know well, bit it does explain much of it.

If you actually read carefully and thought about what I wrote, you would have noticed that I didn’t say he shouldn’t pay the price for it. What I did suggest was that, based on his psychological profile, he’s not the mastermind of all that’s coming out on the business part of the scandal. He’s not smart enough nor mature enough.
His participation in the chat room is further proof that he’s not that smart, but is arrogantly immature.”

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