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Self-made. Live and love like it’s heaven on earth.

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I love Monday’s

I know most people will not agree, but I love Monday’s. I actually look forward to Monday’s more than the weekend now. I mean Saturdays and Sundays are nice to have in order to just wind down and relax, but Monday’s mean new...

Pet peeve..

.. dumb smartasses.

I hate people who think they know everything, and then talk out of their ass. Someone told me to go “educate yourself” on a topic I’m 99% sure I know better than they do. Bitch, you educate yourself. Haha. Of course I...

The worst addiction..

..is love (or loving a person).

It’s hard to move on from someone who you’re so familiar/comfortable with and used to. Even in toxic relationship. Actually, especially in toxic relations.. since psychologically you know it’s toxic but you...

Random thoughts

I noticed lately I am not interested in anyone romantically.. I am only really interested in myself.. my better-ness, my looks, my career, etc.. but I am literally/really not drawn to anyone. What’s changed? Is this good or bad?



I haven’t had time to write anything long and inspirational.. unfortunately this one won’t be one either haha

8 Random Facts About Me:
1. I am competitive, and I usually win.
2. I get hyper enthusiastic about new...

Emylee Thai

Self-made. Live and love like it’s heaven on earth.

Emylee Thai

General Partner @orionmodern. Interests: Genetics/biotech, venture philanthropy, biohack, #△.

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